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Because life happens outside.

Marina Kraus

Product & UX Designerin.

Likes trails, preferably on foot, likes snow, but only when it’s powder and water, but only under her kayak. Prefers to travel with as little equipment as possible – mainly so that the backpack doesn’t get too heavy. 😉

In our home base she likes to write, has a penchant for design and fills our social media channels online and our lunch bags offline so that we don’t run out of energy when we’re on tour.

Connects the business world with the user as a product and UX designer and is always interested in new, intuitive customer experiences that make it as easy as possible for everyone to get started and use digital tools. You can view her portfolio at whitewords.io.

Marina Kraus
Falko Burghausen

Falko Burghausen

Software Engineer and CTO.

Seems to have thousand interests, all of which he pursues intensively and with extreme passion, and always has the need to be on the road somewhere between mountain and valley. The season doesn’t play a big role as long as the right sports equipment and a camera are available.

Somehow manages the balancing act between synthesizers, drum machines and the classic piano and only gets impatient when the world isn’t spinning at his pace or when there are no sweets available during a tour.

As CTO at OnlineDoctor, brings digital wind into the healthtech business with a strong team, has great interest in sharing technologies, digital tools and the opportunities they create with others, thus also making the working world a place that can be aligned with individual lifestyles.

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