#bildwelten photo workshops

Take your photography skills to the next level!

Are you, just like us, passionate about the mountains? Do you like to capture your experiences in exciting pictures, but your photos lack the finishing touch, that certain something?

In our individual #bildwelten photo workshops we pass on our knowledge and experience of outdoor photography in the mountains to you. The workshops can of course also be done in English.

We will work out an individual workshop programme with you, which is tailored to your needs. Modules are for example landscape photography, action photography or alpine photography.

Our #bildwelten workshops last between half a day and two days so that you have enough time to apply what you have learned on site. In addition, we offer you a video call about eight weeks after the workshop, in which we discuss five of your pictures that you have taken in the meantime. We will give you feedback and you can reflect on the photo workshop content and improve your skills even further.

Your individual and personal private photo workshop from CHF 590.